Maker Faire

1. Listen to a network

When people play music together, they communicate with each other in complex,changing patterns. If one musician plays something different, the other musicians respond. It’s like a conversation among friends. You respond to their comments and tone of voice, and they respond to yours. The music network table simulates this exchange. It shows how each part of the music responds to changes in other parts.



2.Crystal archway

The Crystal Archway is a large light sculpture covered in LEDs. Equal parts installation, party space, and experiment in combining graph theory and high intensity lights to make a blinkin awesome party!

The effects with 3D glass is impressed me, the light spread out and, it looks like virtual world. It inspired me.


IMG_1193 L1020227

3. Physical to digital color mixer

Mixing paint is fun, it allows you to mix colors physically and apply them to the digital world. It have 4 bottles, and you could control the water in them, if you mix the water in yellow bottle and the water in blue bottle, then, use brush to draw on the wacom, the screen will show the green color.

IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1216

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