7 in 7 for DAY2 Self-Portrait for Cat


catgram demo


Motivation for today’s project:

A lot of peple luv to take photo to their little cat. And one of my friend lived in Germany who have three little fat cute kitten. These three cat are crazy and excited when they are being shot by us. Sometimes they even want to steal our iphone in order to figure what is exactly this device. We think they are those kind of cat which is not only crazy about being shot but also dream to be a photographer. So I decide to do this project for them , a apps for cat to shoot the photo for itself.





Today I am consider about the question where is the end of a project. However, after finish this video, I found a lot of problem but I have spent couple of hours on it and I’m still wondering if I have more time how can I iterate it.  I think THERE IS NO END  for a project.  The essence of the project is the iterating and rectifying process itself. For a good project,  there are alway thousand NO for every Yes.

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  1. I agree that no project has an end – it can always be modified, changed, augmented, etc… For instance, this cat app idea would work wel for babies as well – who are learning how to move their arms, etc… Nice work!

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