Maker Faire Observation

2013-09-22 11.18.32


After a hours train to get Queens, which is really a  long journey, the world maker’s faire really suprised me.

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This is my first time to attending make faire, and after I entered the park  The first project I noticed was a Ecosystem  tool key called, that is a tool that models carbon , water ,population, and biodiversity based on lifestyle choices, climate,senarios, and ecosystem combinations. And it also provided a  list of ecosystems that exist today or exist today and exist on 1609, Users could use this platform to do some experiment with different land use types to build a more sustainable Manhattan for future.

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The second project inspired me is a physical computing project called water piano, that is a artificial fountain which is connected with  a circuit board and a piano keyboard, once we play the piano, the fountain will spray the rhythmic waters. And this is pretty nice and beautiful object which make sense to me. It helps us to have a good mood when we are playing them.

And another project is a counter-example , which exemplified the failure of a information representation. It is a periodic calendar with a pretty complicated layout and hard for people to understand it , it is just trying to imitating the forms of the chemistry periodic  and make people hard to find the essential information of the date they want to find.

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Finally, I think it’s super worthy for me to come maker faire because it’s really not fail to inspired me. It brings me a lot of inspiration and motivation of my future project, take a look at those most popular project the creator showed in the maker faire, they get succeed  not only because they have a good sense of humor, but also because they are always helpful , both in the practical  and mental standpoint. For example, in this lighting lamp project, it predict in the future we may not need a button anymore, it is sensible when our hands are nearby the lamp, it means we need light, and it will light up. And this let me meditate on how could I make use of five natural sense of human being and how to let those physical object to perceive it.

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