Reading Response: The Power of Feedback Loops

There are definitely a lot more to the power of feedback loops then I had initially thought. Thinking about the implications for how feedback loops can adjust the health industry is both interesting and exciting. When it comes to health I definitely think that showing people their behavior can play a huge part in helping them to recognize how they can improve. In this way the feedback can be used as a source of encouragement if presented in the right way.

From the research presented it seems that feedback loops can be very impactful in changing behavior if presented the right way. But I also wonder how effective they truly can be. I know for myself, and I think many people around me, we are very aware of the consequences of certain behaviors that we will still choose to carry out. Making someone aware of their consequences isn’t necessarily effective for everyone in every aspect. For example, those who smoke, are aware of their consequences. A lack of exercise, eating unhealthy, not getting enough sleep, all have negate consequences that I am aware of but often will choose to ignore. Feedback loops are no doubt a helpful tool for providing information, but it is still the responsibility of the user to change their actions. And currently, users will still have to make the conscious decision to purchase/use feedback loops in order to benefit front hem, but if the user has unhealthy tendencies to begins with, they may not make that initial choice.

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