Reading response Of Instruction Sets For Strangers

1) Culture Probes

In the passage of Culture Probes, the author talked about a some experimental urban strategy to evoke some suggestive response from elderly people. The way that project to execute really provided some inspiration to me to observe people’s behavior and helps me a new way to  finding the real essence meaning behind the appearance. For example , like what author mentioned in the passage, sometimes we give some intervention to people in order to create some unexpected ideas.

Also, the effects of the culture probes is also interesting, the half part is what the project creator learns from elderly people while other half is what did those elderly people learned from the project. The culture probes project provided me a way to reconsider the way we are doing a project, it’s not only about the idea and what kind of purpose we want to achieve, culture probes project provided new way to create more possibilities.

2) The social life of modern urban place

The content in the passage describe some interesting phenomenon about people’s behavior in urban public space, for example, as author mentioned in the passage, that people rarely choose to stay in the middle of a large space in plaza, and this observation made author to meditate and provided couples of possible reason of this phenomenon. Maybe because people want to face the sidewalk, and stand by walls in the plaza that make them feel more comfortable and secure.

The observation that author mentioned in the passage remind me of some experience I had in the city, If you step off the curb in New York City and a taxi is coming, you’ve got to worry ,and the coming car might have pushed you back to wait for a while in order to confirm whether it will stop or not.  But if there’s pedestrian traffic light in front of me, I will go across the street without waiting or confirmation.  So do humans become more brave because of the city design and hence become more in danger? And this kind of observation may lead designer to meditate on the question that which kind of urban space design could increase the people’s  sense of secure? I think this could be an inspirational topic because a sense of security is actually  a kind of feeling that residents in big city  that  intensely demanding.

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