Feedback Loop and Redo Mashup

I create this two related design from a same concept ( one is for my feedback loop, another one is for my mashup) that I mentioned last time about a cup can tell people how much calories from their drink and the distance they need walk to burn those calories.

The first design is called walking cup. it is a digital cup has vertical mark outside to show a distance and number of calories of the beverage one the of  front side cup. Also the distance can be shown as  a distance between two landmark places in your city. For example, if you drink a whole cup of soda, you need walk 2.4 miles, from Times Square to Washington Square. I wanna put there marks on the cup, and they provide  three most common drink’s information. which are  soda, coffee and juice.

Here is short video about my first design:

The second design is app work with my walking cup. The cup can record the calories data can sent to your phone. At the same time you need put your weight information in this app to make the analyzing  more accurate. The app for walking cup can analyze this data with your weight  and tell you how much calories you need walk to burn from your drink and link to your google map or apple map to tell you a specific destination you need walk from your current location.If you do not need google map make you a route , this app will just track your movement during your day to tell you how much you still need to walk.

soda 1 soda 2 soda 3 soda 6

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