Instruction Sets for Strangers reading response

1. “Cultural Probes”- Bill Gaver, Tony Dunne, &  Elena Pacenti
Actually, The aesthetic of the packages is a really good way to reduce the distance between designer and the groups. Also it can find some actual issues.

As a design, user-centered design is the most important. For example, User-centered design is a huge component of what Apple does and why it and other companies have been successful in the consumer market.

In this reading, there has one sentence that attracts me. “Elders represent a lifetime of experiences and knowledge, often deeply embedded in their local communities, this could be an invaluable resource to the younger members of their community.”We may learn a lot of things from elders, also elder influenced society to a great extent.

2. “The Social Life of Urban Spaces” -William Whyte
In this day and age, our social space is more and more small. A lot of people are addicted to the uncluttered roads, but they fail to notice good squares. Especially in some big city, there has no place to enjoy the sun of the afternoon.

About city planning, I think of that taking human being as essential and being harmonious with nature are the most important. Only a friendly city planning can embody the true social functions.

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