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Final Project: Chain Link Fence art

For my final project I want to create site specific street art using chain link fences.  Using a variety of string/yarn type of materials I think the idea of weaving landscapes or imagery through a chain link fence is a medium that can be explored much further. The first step in the process is to …

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Nature As Interface For my final project I decided to work on more challenging and unconventional interface design/installation — I want to use water or air as a natural interface and controller, using Arduino sensors such as liquid level sensor, pressure sensor and wind sensor as input intriguers in order to talk to openFramework and …

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Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I would like to continue to research, study and revise the design for my feedback loop assignment: The Walking Cup. First of all, people being overweight has been a very serious problem in this country for a long time. This phenomenon is related to the unhealthy eating habits of the population.  …

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Proposed Final Project

For my final project, i decided to work more on my feedback loop project. For my feedback loop project, i researched about back pain. I found out that back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives.  Also, Sitting at a computer …

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Final Project proposal

For my final project, I want to research the role of visualization in science learning and create visual aids for some foundation topics in chemistry. The benefits of visual aids give students a mental model to understand the complex conceptual topics found in science subjects.  There are lots of studies that attempt to measure the …

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Final Project Description

For my final project I would like to expand upon my feedback loop assignment from earlier in the semester. My feedback loop assignment, iSlouch, was a look and feel prototype that demonstrated the interface of a posture detection program. The idea is that when the user slouches while using their computer, the interface on their …

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Instruction sets for strangers==> Tony, Tim and Sophie

Our topic is called: How are you feeling now? The goal is to lead people walk through another exit way from subway station; and we made three foam boards for people to attach their “emotions”. The three boards are in three colors: black, green and white; each of they represents tired, calm and happy respectively. …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Proposals- Cindy,Birce,Perry,Joyce

Battery park

Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Proposals (Dream Team)

Denah, Niamh, Alex, Pierce Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Ideas

Columbus Circle : Instruction for Strangers

Member :  Chris, Elena, Soohyun 1. Pictures     2. 3D map       3. Data