Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I would like to continue to research, study and revise the design for my feedback loop assignment: The Walking Cup.

First of all, people being overweight has been a very serious problem in this country for a long time. This phenomenon is related to the unhealthy eating habits of the population.  Over-consumption of high-calorie beverages is one of the most important factors that contribute to unhealthy weight gain. The Walking Cup can raise a consumer’s awareness of high calorie drinks and in the long run, it will encourage people to be cognizant about their eating habits.

For my final project, I want to make a technical based design that is an enhanced design of my original concept; it is a digital cup with a vertical mark on its outer surface that shows a distance and number of calories the beverage contains on the of  front side cup. The distance can be shown as  a distance between two landmarks in your city. For example, if you drink a whole cup of soda, you need walk 2.4 miles, from Times Square to Washington Square. I want to put three marks on the cup, that represent the three of the most common drinks which are  soda, coffee and juice. I hope after researching further, I can revise this design and make it is more practical; also technically, I will try to make physical computing to make a prototype that reflects all the functions and my design concepts.


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