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2nd of 7 in 7

Today I made a PedometerĀ that uses a phone’s accelerometer to count strides when you run. My constraint was to make something that you interact with by exercising. The resulting design concept was an app that played “choose your own adventure” audiobooks while you ran. The choices in the story would be determined by your activity …

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1st of 7 in 7

Constraints: Make a mobile exploration game. Player can only user one touch to play. Actually figure out how to deploy a prototype. So for a while now I’ve wanted to figure out how to compile and deploy prototypes on a mobile device (something i’ve never done alone). my design for the gameplay was a minimalist …

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Reading Response Week2

This week’s readings both explored and argued the positives and negatives of how we share, record, and learn information through “artifacts”. What made their approach so interesting for me was they they both begin from a purely analogue perspective. Escaping FlatlandĀ deals mainly with how we preserve visual datasets that cannot be observed directly, in our …

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Week1 Response

The readings made me consider a host of inconsistencies between how we use and perceive social media. I think that they stem from the problem that users have created a disconnect between how they interact and express themselves online, as opposed to reality. Similarly to how natural user interfaces are different from the natural actions …

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