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Week 2 Day 1 Reading Response

Week Two: Day One Reading Assignment   This weeks readings, “Escaping Flatland” and  “Things That Make Us Smart: Chapter Three – The Power of Representation” both provide an excellent critique on both exemplary and poorly crafted methods of conveying information. While both articles give examples and context for the preferred methods of conveying information visually, …

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Facebook ReInvite: OpenDoor

  OpenDoor Idea: I got the idea from the dry erase doors set up in the new University center dorms. OpenDoor or OD would be a blend between the socializing aspect of Facebook and the pseudo-world type realities of Second-Life and Home for PlayStation. At the top level there would be a global view of …

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Week 1 Reading Assignment

MAJOR STUDIO READING ASSIGNMENT: 1   While at face value, these reading samples are well out of each other’s topographical realms there is a certain flow that leads from the capitalization of social and technological identity to the natural flow of humanity. Humanity as defined by both the individual and the whole is a finite …

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