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Mashup found in nature

Just saw this article about an insect with gears between its legs that allow it to jump really fast

Mashup Response

For the readings on mashups, I thought about how interesting it was to explore a term that seems relatively in its infancy, even within the realm of new media design. It seemed like a lot of the authors didn’t want to tie it down to one specific thing, however they could concretely trace the history …

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7 of 7in7

For the last project my constrain was to redesign touch screen buttons, without replacing their functionality with gestures. That basically means, that I just wanted to make a uniform visual scheme for using buttons in mobile apps. The reason I picked this was because I was thinking about how most mobile designers are trying to …

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7 in 7 — Day 7 — Thinking about Apple’s new product ‘iPhone 5c’

  Yesterday Apple has a new product published — iPhone 5c, it is colorful, like nano, I curious about if Jobs knows this new product, how would he think about iPhone turns to colorful? So, I did this wallpaper.

7 in 7 — Day 6 — First contact with Arduino

  I did a RGB light with Arduino. When I saw it shining, I’m exciting.

7 in 7 Day 1 – DIY LA tour Eiffel

Today, it is my first day of 7 in 7 project. I decided to use my trash to make my own Eiffel Tower. Also, my roommate works at Rag&Bone. Everyday, she uses different fabrics to create her own dress collection. So, i added some of fabrics on my eiffel tower:   First, I picked some …

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7 in 7 — Day 5 — The Great Gatsby

  Recently I watch a movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, I feel it is a good movie, so I did this just for fun. When she chooses the red heart, a romantic music will be show, the lyrics is’ Will you still love when I’m no longer young and beautiful?’, and when she chooses the money …

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7 in 7 — Day 4 — Green Diet (Starbucks)

      I went to Starbucks to order a green tee frappuccino, and it is so sweet for me, so I realize although the frappuccino looks green, actually it is not ‘green’ for people’s healthy, so I make another bottle, full of grass, that means everyday we eat and drink should be healthy, I …

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7 in 7 // Finally !!DAY7!!

For my final project, I tried to explore the new technology I haven’t used before, Makey Makey. When I played with Makey Makey, I found that when 2or more people playing the game, it makes really excited and feel collaborating with them. As a result, I wanted to make a game that can play with …

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Reading Responds — Mashup

Mashup, this words for me as a stranger, when I began to read, I’m interesting about the music mashup, and I search the song, which is mentioned in the article. One song in Jay-Z and Lincoln Park’s grey album, is combine the India style as background with rap, it sounds so funny, between these two …

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