3rd of 7 in 7

To keep with the tradition of overusing the number 7, I decided to try and piece together an fps in 7 hours.

constrain: make an first person shooter in 7 hours.

The idea is based off of theĀ 7 Hour FPS jam that happened on august 3rd. The code for the mouse and keyboard input, as well as the collision physics are all built into unity so I just had to code the extra features I wanted from scratch and link everything together.

The features i had to learn:

-making an animated skybox (skysphere)

-creating laser beams!!!!

-teleporting mechanic

-buoyancy physics

-make a rock with orange ghost things that follow it…. (i got really tired, ok?)

-started working on a script for drawing spells (like okami) but i ran out of time


what I already had to work with:

-3d tree model

-terrain map

-all the textures

-water effect shader

-“click to drag objects” script i made a while back

-looking around + walking, running, crouching scripts



WASD = move around

Space = jump

C = crouch

Left Shift = run

Q, Tab, or Mouse Wheel = Switch between laser/teleport-er thingy (crosshair) and bare hands (circle)

Left Click = shoot stuff (crosshair), pick up stuff (circle)

Right Click = teleport (crosshair), draw magic spells that don’t work yet (circle)

R = reload laser (crosshair)

Here’s the End Result

protip: use firefox

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