7 in 7. third day!

I like photography, because I want to use the camera to record everything. Lots and lots of wonderful memories they have left me with, making my life ever so beautiful.

This is a glass cup, there are a bit of tea in the water in the cup. So I use backlighting to show this cup. The background is a big white plastic board, and there is a round light at the back. Backlit display sharp practices at the outline of objects can be achieved unusual visual effects.

After that, I put this image into Photoshop to create some special effects. I used the mask tool to cutout, and change the color of the background, and I put some picture material into this picture. In the end, I used smudge tool to draw some little special effects.


11 屏幕快照 2013-09-07 下午3.54.09


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