7 in 7 1st- Project- ParkPedia

My constraint for the 7 in 7 projects is making a connection between our life to nature.

My first project is called: ParkPedia.

We all know kids like nature, but it is not easy for urban parents to find time to take their kids to the rural area or forests. So taking their kids to an urban park is the most convenient and common way to get kids close to nature. However, this does not satisfy children’s’ eagerness to learn about nature.They alway ask millions of questions about the plants and animals around them, but our parents definitely cannot answer everything about what is going on in a park. Not only small children, but also some adults like me who like nature want to know more about certain species when they hang out in the park. It is also hard to find the information online when we do not even know the species’ name.


ParkPedia will help you solve this problem .

pro1 copy

ParkPedia is an app that provide species information. It is loaded with categories such as a birds list, blooming list and a butterfly list. Different parks will have different lists and information.  Pictures to help people find the species they see in the park are included in the app as is the background knowledge about certain species. Also ParkPedia helps people develop their own nature museum and digital specimen gallery to help people save and record what they have seen and what they like in a park.


Also, ParkPedia uses GPS to detect your location and provide the species information to you in a certain park in a certain season. It lets children find a certain species in a small environment which can be very interesting and educational.


Find the name of the plant and delve into the background knowledge.


Another function of ParkPedia is that it can make a personal nature species data gallery for the user. People can take photo of what they see in the park and label their name by using the species data in ParkPedia and then add it to your own digital nature museum to record your experiences and interactions with local species. It also will become your digital specimen as a reference for the nature lover and biology students without killing any animals and plants.


From now on every parent can be a nature expert for their kids and we can all be closer to the mysterious nature.


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