7 in 7 for 1st day

Constraint: Using design thinking to solve problem for each daily problem and explore how could we define design and technology, how can we use design and technology helps us to improve our daily life quality and the relationship between human and  interaction technology.


Motivation to do the project:

My first day project is a prototype for wearable interactive devices design for those unsentimental people. For example some of my friend is very shy , they are not good at deliver their feeling to other people especially strange people, they could only deliver their feeling through behavior such as some people become stuttered when they see someone they fancy.  And I think if there is an interaction devices helps them to deliver their feelings in a comfortable way or this idea could  even helps them to date someone they like.





So I made a application prototype that it could control the a certain wearable devices (maybe it’s a T-shirt),

to convey the feeling status the users want to express.



Thus, when the users press the each status button the logo on the T-shirt will correspondingly change

in order to help the user to convey his/her feeling.


Tired Status:




See sth Amazing:



If I could iterate the project , I want to deeply explore its function about how to help shy people to date with someone they fancy.

Additionally,  in this whole thinking process , I didn’t take the wearable technology itself into consideration at first,  like is there a special material for clothes to change the logo on it randomly? I didn’t take it into consideration because  I don’t want to set a limitation in my brain for myself to to create the original prototype for a project.

Finally, I am looking forward to create tomorrow’s project, I believe this is a good way  to practice my own thinking strategy of design.



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