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7 in 7. first day!

I use Photoshop to create a crystal ball. There are some drops on the surface of the crystal ball. Why do i want to create a crystal ball, because i very very like this feeling from the crystal ball, pure,pellucid,and smooth.

[7IN7] 001 – Glitching RAW

    My constraint of the 7IN7 projects is the connection (or disconnection) between online and offline media and content, construction and deconstruction of design elements, and the relationship between human and the screen.   First project is not really expectedly satisfying, but here it is. I use different text/ sound editors to modify a …

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7 in 7 / First day

Constraints : Interactive project based on consideration of human sensibility – happy, sorrow, solitude and etc. The reason why I chose the direction of 7 in 7 ideas is because I’m interested in HCI and human’s feelings, and I want to explore more of interactive design with my interest. For the first project, I made …

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1st of 7 in 7

Constraints: Make a mobile exploration game. Player can only user one touch to play. Actually figure out how to deploy a prototype. So for a while now I’ve wanted to figure out how to compile and deploy prototypes on a mobile device (something i’ve never done alone). my design for the gameplay was a minimalist …

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Facebook Commentary: The FaceBook Builder

As a commentary on the importance we place on our position in the digital world and more specifically how our Facebook page represents us, I wanted to recreate as “Resume Builder” in the form of a Facebook profile creator service. My service is titled “Facebook Builder” and offers a variety of ways to improve your …

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Week2 Facebook Redesign

Facebook Redesign Our social life can be extremely diverse, and we have developed different sides to deal with our different social positions since when we were small children. Most of the time we show quite different faces or personalities and characters to our teachers, friends, co-workers and family members. But when this diversification comes to …

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Reading Response Week2

This week’s readings both explored and argued the positives and negatives of how we share, record, and learn information through “artifacts”. What made their approach so interesting for me was they they both begin from a purely analogue perspective. Escaping Flatland deals mainly with how we preserve visual datasets that cannot be observed directly, in our …

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Reading response week 2

Music, drama, photos, movies, novels, experiences, these are ways to spread information nowadays. More and more novels are turned to movies, because people prefer to watch movies as entertainment, visually pictures and sound easier to be accept, people feel relax when watching movies.   As the development of technology, we’d like to use the word …

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Facebook Redesign idea

My idea for Facebook redesign is that adding background music, color, images that reflect one’s mood. Current Facebook is standard format for every one and they just allow us to adjust profile pictures and cover photos. I want to make Facebook more dynamically represent one’s feeling and show one’s idea in an active way. At …

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Some thinking about information visualization and representations.

  In this day and age, developed in the media and information explosion, there are large amounts of information in our living. Here comes a question as for how to find information that needs it most in an instant? As an interface designer, this is a common problem. Data visualization It is a splendid way …

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