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Week 2- Representations

Escaping Flatland/Things That Make Us Smart The need for data visualization has existed long before any concept of a graphical user interface and it is now more important than ever to be able to master the skill of conveying information in its most clear and useful form.  In my past experience in research biology, figures …

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Week 2 Day 1 Reading Response

Escaping Flatland: The idea that “every opportunity to spread through additional information over an already-available dimension must be cherished” resonated with me. The author stated this when discussing the train schedule mapping on pages 24-25. This reminds me of something I read in Donald Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things. Norman discusses the confusion …

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Mind Over Mouse

Hey guys,   Thought I would share this article. It goes over what we talked a bit about in class regarding the use of thoughts to interact with technology. (This was in 2011!)

Week1 Response

The readings made me consider a host of inconsistencies between how we use and perceive social media. I think that they stem from the problem that users have created a disconnect between how they interact and express themselves online, as opposed to reality. Similarly to how natural user interfaces are different from the natural actions …

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Facebook: the Selfie ReInvented

Instead of improving on or redesigning Facebook as it stands, I want to create a project that makes a point about how Facebook is used. I find it so interesting how people portray themselves on Facebook. My concept starts with idea of the selfie. Which is not common among ALL users, but among many. With …

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Reading Responds day1

Social networking is a new world to people, this world development rapidly, it is a chance to rebuild your new image, and strangers could judge you with social networking’s profile, you could show what makes you looks good.   It’s like a new language, most people in Facebook use their actual ID, the real name, …

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Facebook Redesign and Reading Response

Facebook Redesign Our social life can be extremely diverse, and we have developed different sides to deal with our different social positions since when we were small children. Most of the time we show quite different faces or personalities and characters to our teachers, friends, co-workers and family members. But when this diversification comes to …

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Reading Response- Week 1 Day 1

Great Wall of Facebook: The way Facebook has developed their search capabilities is interesting and definitely appealing because seeing search results that have been seen and shared by my friends is appealing but my internet browsing and searching isn’t something I necessarily would like to have public. This is, in my opinion, where Google pulls …

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Week 1 Response to Bill Joy, FB Redesign

An 8 year old girl from Montana, weighs only 11 lbs and joins the rare group of a 29 year old Florida man who looks like he’s 10 and a 31 year old Brazilian woman who is the size of a 2 year old (see link below).  These three people have a series of genetic …

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Reading Response: Week One class 1

Every person has a special social network that has a huge influence. In China, there are 50% users are recommended to play a same mobile game from their friends and word of mouth to import amounted to 77%. Users prefer to upload their performance on the network (including stars, scores, list, etc.), or share the …

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