Reading Responds day1

Social networking is a new world to people, this world development rapidly, it is a chance to rebuild your new image, and strangers could judge you with social networking’s profile, you could show what makes you looks good.


It’s like a new language, most people in Facebook use their actual ID, the real name, and they post their real experience to share with friends. Other websites could use Facebook account to log in, Facebook is more like your internet ID, you hold Facebook, and you have access to anywhere based on internet. But is it a good thing for us in actual world? Facebook hold huge amount of personal data, like the column on the right, Facebook will analyze each person’s data, to recommend the product that should be interested, this is a great marketing means. Twitter plan to do the experiment about simulation people, use the information of people left on the social networking, like how he speak, the place he usually went to, and according to the photo he upload, to create 3D people. The second season of Black Mirror, telling about a story of after a man died, technology could create a simulation people, as the real man, not just appearance, even voice, how he speak, his memory is same as the real man, according to social networking’s recording that things the man post on when he alive. It sounds horrible.


Technology allow us to use gesture to control device, make it more natural, convenient and directly. Nowadays, most people could use gesture and familiar with it, even a 5 years old girl would click the screen of iPhone by finger. We still have to learn some rules about gesture, if you use the natural and comfortable gesture, maybe it could not work. Gestures based on different culture, different personality, maybe designers should find a way to fit for people’s habit, more important, we should learn the rules of gesture like another language that access to the world of technology.

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