Facebook: the Selfie ReInvented

Instead of improving on or redesigning Facebook as it stands, I want to create a project that makes a point about how Facebook is used. I find it so interesting how people portray themselves on Facebook. My concept starts with idea of the selfie. Which is not common among ALL users, but among many. With so many of us, the thought of how we look, where we are,and how we will be received is of huge importance on Facebook. I am guilty of this, as are most of my family and friends; and quite honestly anyone who uses social media in my opinion. It is human nature to be aware of how we present ourselves to the public and Facebook is no exception. I want to explore this concept of our “social media persona” by creating an app/software/plugin that seemingly gives the user the ability to perfect their online persona while mocking our desire and ability to do so.


Goal: Create a humorous portrayal of the importance we place on our “Social Media Persona” Giving users assistance in creating a well represented FAcebook profile.


Possible mediums:

1. A website created around a Facebook Profile building service, similar to a CV builder :


PRovding levels of service: photoshop for pictures, guidelines for the perfect selfie, advice on what to post etc…

2. A physical structure, that is a much more kitsch and obvious mockery. A mirror that comes with different options of celebrity faces/bodies, clothing, that you can switch out for when you take a selfie.


  1. Love this. Build it immediately.

  2. Also, just came across this Selfies at Serious Places. So problematic, check it out.

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