Reading Response: Week One class 1

Every person has a special social network that has a huge influence. In China, there are 50% users are recommended to play a same mobile game from their friends and word of mouth to import amounted to 77%. Users prefer to upload their performance on the network (including stars, scores, list, etc.), or share the comments of the game on the network, so that other users will be interested in this game. I think this is a very important way to develop project. Not only word of mouth is now the number one marketing channel, but also the game companies can reduce import costs of users.


The mobile game platform just is a part of the social network. Just like Facebook, this is another style platform and it is different from the mobile game platform, but there are have some same things. For example, in Facebook, we can though a previous friend to make a lot of new friends, in the mobile game, a lot of users can though word of mouth to find a same interesting game, then that game will has more and more gamers and it can improve popularity. This is powerful.


In fact, social network is very useful. But on the other hand, here comes a question as for security issues on the Internet. Almost all of the users worry about that the information is safe or not in this open network. On the platform of Internet, just like Facebook, we also have our special social network, we can share some interesting things, and know a lot of things from friends, at the same time, we can get more high-value responses from the people in our network, but at the same time it will inevitably produce the issue of privacy disclosure. How to use the social network can at the same time be protected? This is a important issue.

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