Facebook Redesign

My concept about the redesign is to make the home page looks more simplify, and let people feel more comfortable by using it. When I use the Facebook, I don’t really like the way they put our photos and status. The left and right side bars really occupy a lot of space, and this is the reason why the main content (place where we post our photos and status) looks so narrow. So what I’m going to do is to make these side bars “invisible”, they can only show up when your mouse reach the left or right edge of the page. I think this will make the page more “clean” and let people concentrate more on the content they saw on the screen.

Another problem I find is that when people post some really long images, and you want to leave a comment on them, you just can’t see the whole images,because the comment bar could block some part of the images. So I think, maybe this problem could be solved by moving the comment section to the right area of the photos. Also by doing this, people can leave a comment and looking at the photos at the same time.I remember once when I wrote a comment for a photo which my friends shared on the Facebook, I have to scroll up again and again to check if I wrote right about her photos.

I also want to do a little bit change about the chat bar, although it can be invisible when you close it, problem still comes when you chat with your friends. If you want to chat with a friend, you click the name shows on the chat bar, a dialog box will appears beside it. And if you want to chat with somebody else, another dialog box will appears too, eventually these dialog boxes are going to block the main content on the middle. I want to make the dialog box inside the chat bar, so you can chat with your friend and see the main content at the same time.

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