Final project idea

For my final project, I’m very interesting in interactive design and visual effect. And as we all know, a special visual effect can bring different feeling to spectator, such as, scared, relaxed, magic, tense.

The present age knowledge economy society rhythm changes quick, intensity enlargement, people working pressure and the life pressure also increase along with it. Some people smash instant noodles and biscuit packets, and even open Coca-Cola cans to let off some steam, those examples show that the people do not have a right way to reduce pressure. The people can take the edge off stress by practicing relaxation techniques. These include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage.

So, I choose the visualization to reduce pressure. Personally, I want to use 3D Projection Mapping tool to help them. Giving them a magic visual effect, and the people can interact with the objects that are projected onto the facade of the wall.

Firstly, I think all of the projects start from a dark space where has no outside influence, no music, no light.

Secondly, the people can try to make any moves, and then the wall will show different effect. For example, if the people do a flying action, and then the wall will show some transformative effect, and so on.

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