Maker Faire Experiences

1.    Bug
This is a toy and this bug feels its way around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them. The robotic bug will travel forward until it hits an obstacle. It will then backup in a half circle and then move forward in a different direction.

How did they encourage user interaction and what made them successful? If they were a failure, please explain why?
1.    a micro robotic creature that reacts to its environment or that you control.
2.    an innovative battery powered, high-tech toy.
3.    Fun for all ages!
2.    Video suns-video game
The name of game is Video suns-video game, this is video game without video which uses computer numeric control to drive the action. Side-scroll your  way through hand-drawn levee, avoiding obstacles in a race against time!

How did they encourage user interaction and what made them successful? If they were a failure, please explain why?

This project is a wonderful combination of  Arduino and game design.
In this game, there has a color recognizer, it can recognize the black and white.


3.    Spectra—a glowing gas produces a unique pattern of colored lines.

There are six chemical elements:Xenon, Mercury, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Neon.
Look at the glowing gas-filled tube through the viewer. Notice the lines of color on either side of the tube. You can also see these lines in the reflection on the tabletop. You can use the dial to switch from one gas-filled tube to another,  and you will find that different colored lines appear for each gas.

When a gas is excited by an electric current, it glows with a unique combination of colors or spectrum. No two gases will make the same pattern of colored lines. Each gas produces a spectrum as characteristic of that gas as the finger print of a person.
When you look directly at the glowing tube, the light you see is the combination of all the colors produced by the gas. The viewer and the reflecting surface are made of diffraction gratings. Like prisms, diffraction gratings spread light out into its component colors.

Extra information:
Sunlight is produced by the glowing gases that make up the sun. Back in the 1860s, a close look at the spectrum produced by sunlight revealed a pattern of lines that could not have been produced by any known element. This previously undiscovered element was helium. Identified in the sun’s spectrum long before it was found on Earth. Examination of the spectra produced by starlight can reveal the composition of distant stars.
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