1.about digital meets physical,
This is a motorized closet, it can unite with weather report. We do not need a big closet to hung shirts,because this is a motorized closet, if the weather is cold, this closet can puts the clothing you should wear in the front of the closet. In my design, this closet has four spaces, they can hung the clothes of different seasons.

this is a flow chart, you can see the order and you can know that how dose this work. Firstly, it need contact google weather to obtain the information of the outdoor temperature. Secondly, the receiver can make a decision through the information and spin the framework.

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this is a application that we can use google map to book a parking space. We all know that, in New York, the parking spaces are limited,if we can book a parking space, then it will be very convenient.

A network consisting of about 400,00 surveillance cameras covers the entire New York. Not only those cameras can improve the security, but also can share a lot of informations for the people. We can through those cameras know about how many spare parking spaces in this city.

About this application, it can receive the informations  from the Internet, and you can use it to sent the booking message to the internet. You can choose the date and time, about time, it contain starting time and end time. then you need search the nearest park on the google map, and you can choose the park within different metres. at the same time, the map will display two kinds logos, red and blue, red logo mean full,blue logo mean open. If you choose a blue logo, it will show some informations. In the end, you can choose the cancel or save to finish the booking.

I increase some other functions, for example, the user can share the place to Facebook, or search the route on the map and find your position.
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