My digital-digital mashup is about landmarks of New York City, it is useful for tourists or fresh man in NYC, let people understand why this city is amazing, and know more information about NYC. It is mashup with map, user could see clearly in the map that figure out where the landmarks are. I set a timeline to let people could drag by themselves to explore when these landmarks were built, according time and location, this could express information more clearly.

NYC_Map.1900 NYC_sol NYC_taxi




In this project, I did a odor box mashup with weather, people could directly feel the weather, they do not need to recognize the words or graphics, just smell and feel, they should know today is a sunny day or rainy day.


IMG_1225 IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1231 IMG_1233 IMG_1237 IMG_1241 IMG_6309

When people use the weather app, the odor box could automatically spread the odor of weather, like sunshine, snow or rain. I made a real box to simulate this idea, use sponge to absorb the fragrance, when the fan begin to whirl, the odor will spread out.



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