Reading response for Mashup

Before I read those three passages I didn’t know anything about mashup. And I’m kind of interested in the concept of the Mashup,

By its definition, mashup is a kind of creative combination or mixing of content from different sources . That’s really imaginative. The passage<<Mashups: The new breed of Web app>>, which give me some inspiration of this concept. I am a traveler addicts who love to spend most of the spare time in traveling everywhere. If we could combine all the data of a certain destination of our journey with the map service, like the data of the weather, entertainment information, that could make a journey to a totally strange country much easier.

But I’m also thinking about  the mode of the interchange of information opening. The API provider like google and amazon, they may make a contract and build a new standard of information sharing. We are now sort of get a point where we need to find out the boundary of the information but not only focus on the business value that mashup can create for us.

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