Reading Response – Mashup.

Before I read those articles about mashup. I thought mashup is a new concept to me. But after those readings brought me to a very wider definition of mashup, I realized I have a lots of experience of mashup based on my design education and also mashup is very where in our daily life.


SUV(Sport Utility Vehicle) comes from commercial and military vehicles such as the World War 2 Jeep and Land Rover, it was mainly produced for rural buyers and their off-road capabilities. But why in today, SUV has come one of most poplar vehicles in the big cites, from east to west, Beijing to San Francisco? The answer is SUV is every successful mashups to command all the advantages fro big family car and lower the disadvantage of traditional heavy Jeeps. By intruding mashups to the vehicles design,almost all the new car brands have combined more than two elements between SUV, traditional small family car and even sports car. So, our car in today is more adaptable to more than two different road condition.

Mashups not only combines elements, objects, idea to make new innovations and concepts for us, but also make a big profits in the market.

The movie” The Avenger” from Marvel combined five super heroes in one movie and at the same time it combined all the supports from all of those heroes’ fans. The Avenger movie make a great example that how mashups can make a bigger profits.


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