Feedback loops reading response

This article is point the power of feedback loops, it could change people’s behavior to do better things, it is like design psychology, people need self-recognition in their spirit, feedback loop is like a mirror, to let yourself realize what you do, and what you should do. This theory is successful, and I really like this idea. I experienced the speed monitor, I feel like I have to make the number under the limit, when I through this monitor, even I do not know why I do this, but when I already passed it, and could not see the monitor, maybe the speed is higher again. Speed monitor is like a reminder, if you do not want to do this thing, after the reminder, you won’t do it, like alarm. So how feedback loop could really change people’s behavior is a new challenge.


Feedback loops like you talk to yourself, and you connect to the social and other people. “The true power of feedback loops is not to control people but to give them control”, it is true, other people remind you to be good, maybe you could not like to obey others intent, but if yourself already notice that, it is your own intent to do something, passive and active.

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