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Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops Response

In the Reading, ‘Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops’, the author says that showing datas of people’s behavior affects them to change their behavior. I think it is because they can be stimulated by tracking their behavior. It reminds me the way of losing weight that people who have mirror in front of them while they are eating tend to reduce their portion with feeling satiation even though they ate lesser than usual. Also, I can imagine if I have feedback information about calories I ate and remained daily calories that I supposed to get a day, I will be able to control myself more easily than just guessing calories in my mind. In other case, I assume that if people can see how much time they have spent on playing a game, they may control themselves better. For the relevance, people might see the time how much they’ve spent with information data of  game addiction time rate. Consequence, people might see exact data of their life pattern of playing game that can affect people to control themselves in a better way.

I agree with the idea of the reading that feedback of one’s behavior encourages people’s behavior. Additionally, I think feedback loop brings communication with devices, objects, society, and oneself. For instance, I can think about myself and my responsibilities when I look back my behavior from my past diary, and I get motivations to be a better person by revising my negative side to positive side. Even tracking one’s past behavior can motivate people, so I can assume that live feedback of one’s bahavior can affect people’s behavior to change in a better way more strongly.

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