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project prototyping

1.Reference Academic Paper This is the reference article I use for set up my argument in my final project. In this project, through the project I did the research with the dynamic sensor by Arduino and shoes object, I want to  study how could those wearable sensor  set up a positive feedback loop in order …

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Three References for My Final Project

1.Math and Science for Young Children 2.How Computer Games Help Children Learn 3.Game, Motivation, and Effective Learning: An Integrated Model for Educational Game Design  

Prototype01 for My Final Project

Using a servo motor to control the little man’s arm and make him takes off his hat.

Three Precdents of My Final Project

1.Penguin Paper Automata a. What is the project and who created it?  This project is an interactive arduino toy made by  Daniela Gill.(She is also from Parsons D&T) b. How does it work / function? Is it interactive? If so how?  The Servo motor (continuous ) controls the speed with an Ultrasonic range finder. She used …

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Chalk Prototype

I did some chalk prototyping on my idea, which was really valuable in terms of user’s feelings and how they are interested in interacting with the project. This documentation is from midnight in Washington Heights (murder central). I found my subjects were (oddly) not as comfortable imitating the dead as I am. One subject had …

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Research Paper References and User Testing

A few articles I will be referencing for this project are: Fred Gerr, Michele Marcus, Carolyn Monteilh, Epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorders among computer users: lesson learned from the role of posture and keyboard use, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2004, Pages 25-31 Paul Jarle Mork, Rolf H. Westgaard, Back posture …

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Final Project sketches and articles

JCE-2008-visualization NSF-workshop_report_180701 p2_Jones_tcm18-33083

Thoughts and Precedents Expounded

Alright, I’m ready to talk about this. As discussed, I want to work with human conductivity and explore the idea of chalk outlines of murder victims. There are two ways we can go at this point: (1) a “chalk outline” that would light up when a human’s hands complete the circuit or (2) a projection …

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DreamTeam: Instruction Sets for Strangers

Niamh Parsley, Denah Emerson, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott   ISFS Final Presentation Final Video Observations

Instruction Sets Final- Team Battery

Group: Birce, Cindy, Joyce, Perry Instruction Sets for Strangers View the Presentation