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Final Project Precedent

1. music sneaker 2. Run like me   So in my final project I decided to expand on my mashup running project. The goal I want to achieve is to help people to run in a proper way and encourage more people to join the running community. I wanna use a motion sensor or knock …

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Final Projects Precedents

My goal for my final project is to create an interactive tutorial for chemistry students to understand how soap is able to breakdown grease.  I hope to accurately portray molecular level interactions and apply it to a larger context. Inspirations for this project: Janet Iwasa is a biologist who uses animations to create visualizations of …

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Precedents for Murder (NYC)

#1 – New York Times Murder Map New York Times map of murders in NYC for 2003-2011 #2 – NYC Ghosts and Murders Walking Tours Walking tours of NYC neighborhoods focusing on historical murders in the area. #3 – Colonial and Civil War era history in Fredericksburg, VA QR codes posted on historically significant buildings that …

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Final Project Precedents

USlouch Precedents

Final Project Precedents

Completely Digital Interactive Book: E-page and Conductive Ink: Invisible Ink

Instruction Sets for Strangers ; Chris Elena Soohyun

We went to Columbus Circle on Friday morning, and tried the prototypes. We found that the balloon is too weak to stand for the place which is very windy. The balloon was almost on the floor because of the strong wind.  However, we found that a boat with balloon can attract people, so we will …

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No Thoughts

For my Final Project, I am really unsure what I would like to do. I know there will be an Arduino involved, but beyond that, I am super unclear. I am completely open to ideas and/or constraints. I’m feeling a little lost with all this freedom… Perhaps, I would expand upon the physical Murder NYC …

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Final Project: Magic Book.

For my final project I would like to expand on my 7 in 7 project incorporating the edited pictures and a story with each picture into a large book based project. I would like to do a wood or 3D printed box to hold the frame for a long single sheet scroll. The pictures and …

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#Magbeth First Iteration

Denah Emerson, Niamh Parsley, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott  

Final Project idea

  I want to do something like this…..