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Final Project Precedents

1. Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. 2.Gumulon 3. Pixelate-eating game which detects food you are eating 4.Photoshop live I’m interested in the cool animation effects what could bring people into another technology world, and create an application could interact with body part, just like …

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Team Triple Faces – Strangers Set Intervention Final

original post: FINAL ITERATION Team: Tony Tao/ Sophie Ma/ Tim Xiaofeng Lin Location: Fresh Pond Road Subway Station (M Line) Time: Oct 22th 2013 Afternoon Weather: light rain     Observed Problem: Crowds take the nearer steps when getting out of the station and ignore the extended aisle and the steps on the other …

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final project precedents

Final Project Precedent

  I will continue to design my concept of Walking Cup. This is an existing product of a digital cup by using similar  technique of my Walking Cup concept . This is the video to show how to use Arduino weight censor.

Inspirations for the Final

Concept – Physical vs. Digital – Nature as Interface – Modifiable Narrative   1. docomo Palette UI GoodDesignExpo 2. Waves by DanielPalacios 3. AquaTop Display 4. Prairie by Shawn Decker

Final project precedents

1.   Apro.Map // Interactive Projection Mapping 2.   Interactive Window Projection – Zierikzee, Netherlands – June 2013 3. The Treachery of Sanctuary 4.Child always like this kind of room, maybe starry sky can promote sleep.

Final Project Precedents

Completely Digital Interactive Book: E-page and Conductive Ink: Invisible Ink

Final project idea

For my final project, I’m very interesting in interactive design and visual effect. And as we all know, a special visual effect can bring different feeling to spectator, such as, scared, relaxed, magic, tense. The present age knowledge economy society rhythm changes quick, intensity enlargement, people working pressure and the life pressure also increase along …

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Final Project Concept Idea

I have only rough conceptual idea for my final project. I’m very interested in communication between a person and a person, and also people and technology.  I want to research about missing communication between people, and work with how people can find missing communication. It can be a communication with myself, or it can be …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Week 2- Cindy,Birce,Perry,Joyce